Gogoal Mechanical seal GL-TYPE8-1

   to replace AESSEAL M01S ,John Crane 8-1,STERLING 290S  ,

   VULCAN 1609s  

2.Suitable for:
    any kinds of industrial pump and water pump

3.Operating Limits
     Pressure: ≤1.7MPa
    Speed: ≤25m/s
    Temperature: -30℃~+200℃

4.Seat Desciption:
    Stationary Seats:
    A.The standard seat for the 8-1 seal is the “P” type seat.
    B.The A, W, and PP type seats are also available for this seal. 

5.Structural Features:
   A. The Secondary Seal O-ring material can be specified to allow the seal
       to be used in various fluids.

   B. Applications include all types of rotating equipment, such as centrifugal
       pumps,mixers, and agitation crushers.

   C. Mechanically driven, reducing attrition from the shaft and sleeve.
   D. Seal is a multi-spring, unbalanced type that meets API610 standards.


  we can manufacture mechanical seal model GL-8-1 sizes from 1.125 inches
  to 1.750 inches.only the sizes in stock are sold on this website.shipment can
  be arranged within 2 days after your payment. If you need any other shaft
  sizes or seat types  which are not sold online, please email our customer
  service center

d d3 d7 l1 l3 rotary stationary rubber metal seat
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  • choose the exact shaft size you need according to  the assembly drawing